Recent changes at Bluewater: Official Statement

Bluewater Broadcasting, LLC made the following changes today- Operations Manager/ WBAM Program director Mike Alan exits- as does Mario Hendrix, digital content manager.Web Portal Buzz Montgomery has ceased operations and Dan Morris has been replaced as host of Viewpoint on WMRK.

Rick Peters will assume programming responsibilities for WBAM. Dr. Sam Faulk will shift from nights to middays on WBAM. Greg Budell will continue working his existing air shifts on WMRK and WQKS, but will be the temporary host of Viewpoint.

General Manager, Terry Barber comments, “this is a very difficult, somber day at Bluewater Broadcasting. Given the economic and political environment that exists, we feel that we must position our company to withstand continued challenging times. The individuals leaving today are solid broadcasters who will be missed.We continue to add new products and innovative ways for businesses to market to our listeners. This now becomes the responsibility of our management and sales team to monetize these products.”