Why you should sell for Bluewater Broadcasting


Our marketing positioning statement says “Local Folks helping Local Business”. Local is so important that we say it twice. Local is the core of the business community. It’s the people you see at the grocery store, at the PTA meeting, or the Little League park. The local business community has chosen to not only build their business here, but they have commited to raise their families in the River Region. It’s the same with Bluewater. All decisions at Bluewater are made by local people. With local ownership and management, we are able to respond to the changing landscape of our marketplace much quicker and accurate than a company run from hundreds of miles away.

Bluewater believes in its people. Sure, we care about the bottom line, but we also care about our employees. It means a lot to us to say that all of the key radio people in the River Region call Bluewater home. With very few exceptions, all the top talent are part of our team. From household names like John Garrett, Dr. Sam, Susan Woody, The Skipper, Greg Budell, Michelle C, Bubba, Frank White, Ben Hagler, and Doughboy- it is clear that Bluewater invests in attracting and retaining the best talent for its radio stations.

We have also assembled the best media sales team in the region. With combined experience well over 100 years, this group has helped grow thousands of businesses over the years.

Why does our sales team choose to work at Bluewater?

Jerome Davidson

I have enjoyed working at Bluewater Broadcasting for the last 7 years because I enjoy the family atmosphere provided by the company. I also enjoy having the opportunity to help local businesses grow and reach their goals by advertising with our group of radio stations, not to mention forming new business relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime.

– Jerome Davidson (7 years at Bluewater)


Cheryl Woodward

Especially in this economy, it has been great to work for someone who understands that without our clients we could not survive. We have been allowed and encouraged to go above and beyond to help our local people keep their heads above water.

– Cheryl Woodward (24 years selling radio advertising- the last 4 at Bluewater)

Maybe working as a advertising sales rep is what you are destined to do. It’s great if you have media sales experience, but if you don’t, that’s OK. We hire for talent and train for skill. There are certain traits and features built in to the way you are wired and if those are correct, you would be a great fit for our team.

Let’s talk about it.

Send an email to Lanier Harris, Sales Manager, (lharris@bluewaterbroadcasting.com) and attach a copy of your current resume.