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Bluewater Broadcasting is a locally owned and operated radio group, rooted right here in the River Region.

Radio has the power to reach, increase brand awareness, and drive searches

Adults Listening

Each week, radio reaches 88% of the adult U.S. population.

Increase Brand Relevance

Radio increased brand relevance by 64% for those exposed to radio ads versus those who were not.

Radio Drives Search

74% of Americans use a search engine for consideration and purchasing.

Source: Nielsen Total Audience Report March 2021 / RAB Why Radio

Radio is America's #1 reach medium

Radio remains relevant in today's world of time-starved consumers. As the original mobile and social medium, it provides programming content meeting the entertainment needs of people according to their demography, geography, ethnography, etc., via its thousands of commercial radio stations, streams, multicasts and podcasts.

Radio is ubiquitous, reaching consumers on-air, online, on-site and on demand whether they are at home, at work or in their car. It is a passive medium allowing consumers to multi-task and listen while they work or play essential in today's world. 

Radio's core strength continues to be the power of words and sound. With its human voice to convince, it can be used as a branding medium. Advertisers continue to use radio personality endorsements to build trust and drive business, with these same personalities often providing personal experiences with the brand, on-air mentions and authentic chatter within their shows.

Source: RAB Why Radio


Radio, with its human voice to convince, can be used to persuade and influence listeners about your brand.

Staying Power

Radio reach among listeners 12+ remains high, at a staggering 88% in 2021.


Reaching thousands of listeners in the River Region via radio stations, streams, multicasts and podcasts.

Source: Nielsen Total Audience Report March 2021

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