Digital Marketing


Increase your brand awareness and reach by putting our digital campaign platforms to work alone or in conjunction with your radio advertising campaign to increase your reach and effectiveness.


Bluewater Strategy

We identify the right consumer for your business and then create a custom, AI driven marketing campaign that is audience targeted, geographically specific, uniquely creative, and the most cost effective in the industry….guaranteed.


Digital Options

Geographic Targeting – We will adjust your exposure of your ads to a specific geographic area ensuring the most cost effective reach of your potential customers.

PPC/Paid Search – Working with specific Digital Service Providers (Facebook, Google, etc.) to provide you and your digital campaign by providing the best inventory blend, rates, and results.

Targeted Display – Reach potential customers where they spend their time online, including, web, mobile, and tablet, with custom designed creative and ad campaign

Social Media – Reach social media users showing interest in your business category by identifying key phrases and interests, and then targeting specific messaging directly to them.

Pre Roll Video – Enhance your reach with targeted pre roll video on a multitude of websites in order to reach your targeted audience

CTV/OTT – Connected TV advertising. Expand your reach by running




We will supply you with an overview of your overall campaigns performance, all broken down into granular form. The report will show top locations, sites/URLs, in a daily summary. The report will also show you keywords and site performance. Social media will show you all engagement metrics, and our digital video reports will give you details about percentage played, viewed and comprehensive site information.

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