Contest Rules & Legal Information

This page contains our on-air and online contest rules and regulations. You can also learn more about our Privacy Policy.

Contest Rules

1. No purchase necessary.

2. You must be at least 18 (eighteen) years of age to participate in promotional events or On-Air Contests. At times the minimum age of requirement may be 21 (twenty-one).

3. Contest are open to the public, with the exception of employees of Bluewater Broadcasting LLC, participating sponsors, former employees, employees of all other radio stations in a 60-mile radius, immediate family members of the aforementioned and/or persons residing in their household(s).

4. One winner per household per 30(thirty) day period. One winner per 90(ninety) day period on prizes valued over 50(fifty) dollars.

5. Bluewater Broadcasting LLC may amend or change these rules without prior notice.

6. Prizes given away are ‘as is’ and Bluewater Broadcasting shall not be held liable for failure of a participating sponsor(s) to deliver said prizes.

7. Prizes are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

8. All state local and federal taxes are the sole responsibility of the winner(s).

9. Winner(s) agree that their likeness, name, photo and/or voice may be used for promotional purpose by Bluewater Broadcasting and/or its participating sponsors free of compensation.

10. All prizes must be claimed in person at Bluewater Broadcasting of Montgomery, located at 4101-A Wall Street, Montgomery, AL 36106 within 2 (two) weeks of winning or prize will be forfeited. Our hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 8:00(eight) am to 5:00 (five) pm and Fridays from 8:00(eight) am to Noon. Winner may be required to show picture identification to claim certain prizes. All cash awards will be awarded in the form of check and may be claimed after 7(seven) days of winning. In the event the value of the prize(s) is over $599.00 (five hundred-ninety nine) dollars winner(s) will receive the appropriate Internal Revenue Service form(s) for tax purposes.

11. All information acquired during contesting will become the sole property of Bluewater Broadcasting LLC, and will be destroyed or securely stored at our facility.

12. Certain events may require participant(s) to sign waiver documentation releasing Bluewater Broadcasting LLC of any and all liability that may be incurred due to bodily injury, loss of income, employment or any and all other extenuating circumstances that may result from participating in the event.

13. Bluewater Broadcasting of Montgomery may terminate a contest(s) at anytime with no prior written or vocal notice. In the event of any tie, a random drawing will be held to determine a sole winner. Any person and or persons who use fraudulent means to win a prize(s) will be disqualified from any and all current or future promotions, and at the discretion of Bluewater Broadcasting, legal action may ensue.

14. Violation of any of the official rules will result in immediate forfeiture of all prizes and may result in a permanent ban on participating in any future promotional events by Bluewater Broadcasting and its participating sponsors.

15. Bluewater Broadcasting bears no responsibility for cancellation of an event due to an act of God, inclement weather, cancellation, delay or rescheduling of any event that the station holds ticket giveways for.

Complete Rules and Regulations available at the station during normal business hours.